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Ukg Syllabus For English

Letters (Aa-zz)

A) Article (A/An)
B) Identification
C) Objects Related To Letters
D) One-many
E) Positions
F) Rhyming Words
G) Sound Of Letters
H) This-that & These–Those
I) Vowel Words
J) Vowels And Consonants
1.Reading Words And Sentences Aloud. Having Social Conversations
2.Use Of Genie Board, Flashcards, Oral Interaction, Written Work, Worksheets, Storytelling And Enactment.
3.Picture Composition, Making Sentences With Certain Words Or Structure And Use Of ‘In’, ‘On’ And ‘Under’ In Sentences.
4.Revision Of The English Language Basics.
Ukg Syllabus For Maths Or Mathematics
The Cbse Or Icse

Ukg Mathematics Syllabus Is As Under:

1.Pre-maths Concepts
A) Big-small
B) Front – Back
C) Full-empty
D) Heavy-light
E) In-out
F) More-less
G) Right- Left
H) Same-different
I) Tall-short
J) Thick-thin
K) Top – Bottom
2.Numbers (1-200)
A) 1 Digit Addition
B) 1 Digit Subtraction
C) Addition And Subtraction Without Objects Or Pictures
D) Before, After, Between Number (1-100)
E) Count And Write, Colour And Match
F) Forward And Backward Counting (1-50)
G) Money
H) Number Names (1-50)
I) Picture Addition
J) Picture Subtraction
K) Putting Signs Like ‘>’, ‘<’ And ‘=’
L) Simple Addition & Subtraction Using Objects
M) Skip Counting 2 & 5
N) Time
O) Writing
A) Circle
B) Diamond
C) Oval
D) Rectangle
E) Semi-circle
F) Square
G) Triangle
A) Black, White, Pink (Shades – Light & Dark)
B) Orange, Green, Purple (Shades – Light & Dark)
C) Red, Yellow, Blue (Shades – Light & Dark)

Ukg Syllabus For General Awareness

A. Myself
1.Parts Of Body
2.Sense Organs
3.My Home
5.My Family
6.My School
B. Transport

C. Animals
1.Wild Animals
2.Domestic Animals
3.Pet Animals
6.Animals And Their Sounds
7.Animals And Their Young Ones

Ukg Syllabus For Environmental Science

1.A Visit To A Police Station Or Post Office
2.Introduction To Air, Water And Sound Pollution
3.Introduction To Traffic Rules And Safety
4.Project On Collecting A Few Living And Non-living Things
5.Talking About All Types Of Transport As Well As Proving A Demonstration In Vehicles

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