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Morphle Pre-Primary English School follows the guidelines on the administration of medication and first aid. We will do the possible things for your child’s health, we will make sure that each child is well cared during school time. No medicines of any sort should be brought into school without the prior knowledge and consent of the school.

First Aid

In cases of minor accidents, appropriate basic aid is administered and parents are informed. If your child has a more serious accident during the school day time, every effort will be made to contact parents and the child will be taken care by one of our qualified first aiders. In the case, if a child is needing hospital care, we always try to contact parents, but if this is not possible we will ensure that the child is taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment and parents are contacted as soon as possible. This being in the case, it is vital that the school has up-to-date contact numbers at all times

School Nurse

Children are screened throughout school for hearing, vision , height and weight checks. It is important to inform us of any medical issues which may affect your child’s progress at school. Parents are informed if further examinations or referrals are necessary.


It is a parental responsibility to check your child’s hair regularly. If you find eggs or lice, do not be embarrassed to ask for advice in school Nurse. It is nothing to be ashamed of – headlice do not discriminate! This is a constant cause for concern for some parents and we really need your help in addressing it. Our only option is to encourage parents to seek medical advice for persistent concerns .


The health and safety of your children at Morphle Pre-Primary English School is paramount importance of our care, and we request that you fully comply with the school’s rules and regulations.

We aim to maintain a high standard of hygiene for the children’s. School hygiene and sanitation are especially important because children spend a great deal of time at school and they need a healthy environment to learn and grow, physically, mentally and socially, Sanitary inspection of public institution is a method for identifying hygiene and sanitation problems. We also encourage the parents to make high standard of hygiene for their child at home like finger and toe nails should be filed and hair must be cut short and kept clean.

The whole school is a no smoking area which includes at the school gates.

School Office Hours

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